Wildlife & Nature

Wildlife is rightly the most exciting reason to choose Africa as a holiday destination. The countries in East Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) as well as Southern Africa (Namibia, South Africa and Botswana) are absolutely unique in the world with their own incredibly beautiful and fascinating flora and fauna. Everyone knows the image of vast herds of elephant, or the migration of the wildebeest and zebra on the open plains or the image of the giraffe in front of snow-capped Kilimanjaro. Especially Chimpanzees speak to our imagination as humans, because they are so similar to us in behaviour and appearance and when you are in Uganda or Tanzania a visit to see these animals is a most rewarding experience. Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa also have another world of wildlife which is not often referred to as "wildlife", but for sure it actually is. Animals of the underwater world such as beautifully colored fish, sharks, whales, turtles and basically everything swimming in the water of the Indian and Atlantic Ocean.


There are many ways we can organize a tour through Africa for you. If this is your first time on Safari you will probably want to see as many animals as possible. There is no more rewarding experience than to have captured all the big five (lion, rhino, buffalo, leopard and elephant) on camera and let us not forget the hippo, the water clown of the rivers of Africa is more dangerous than all the big five together. Variation not only means the quantity of various animals you see, but also on the way you travel, private with a guide, driving yourself or travel in a group. An excellent way to be guaranteed of a lot of wildlife spotting, is to choose for an up-market safari to various parks where you drive around with one of our specially equipped 4 WD safari vehicles (with driver / guide). This way you will see a lot of wildlife during the game-drives, which are included. Another good option is to choose one of our group tours or we can organize something on a private basis so that you have all the flexibility you would desire. It is also possible and very interesting to explore the beautiful African nature by foot or by boat. The possibilities are endless, only ones imagination and budget limits what can be provided for you.


All animals are fascinating and interesting, but for you personally a specific kind of animal might be extra fascinating. For this reason, we offer the opportunity to travel with a guide who shares the same interest as you and can show you the best possible places. In Uganda, you can make a tour that is completely focused on primates and in which you will of course visit the chimpanzees and gorillas. Across the whole of East and Southern Africa there are elephants and you can make a wonderful journey that teaches you everything about these highly intelligent animals. Perhaps the best example for specific animal lovers is bird watchers. Especially Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda will be a paradise and many of our renowned guides would love to show "their" birds to you. Your special interest can also support a hobby and photography is a very clear example of this. Anyone who travels in Africa brings a camera to capture the beauty. As a lover of photography you will probably want to do more, take all the time you want for the perfect shot and learn more about photographing landscapes or animals. Africa Miracles can offer you this opportunity!


For all our tours that come in contact with nature, respect for the environment and for others is a must. For example respect for your fellow travellers who might just need a little more time to take that one beautiful picture, but even more important is respect for nature and all the plants and animals in it. Africa Miracles is always mindful of nature and our guides will obey the rules governing movements in the bush, respecting the right of animals to have peace from prying eyes. It is important here to register our awareness of the beauty of nature and our desire to show the wonders of our world to visitors without doing damage to Nature.

We want your holiday to be organized entirely according to your personal wishes. Almost anything is possible and there are numerous variations on the perfect trip. You will be surprised to discover what is possible in Africa. Please challenge us and make your wishes known to us. We will then work out a proposal which you can expect from us within three days. We'd like to hear from you!