Luxury Travel

Traveling to far destinations and visiting beautiful sights is considered a privilege and rightly so. It is fascinating to learn about different cultures, behold new landscapes and watch wildlife in their natural environment. Of course travelling can be done in many different ways, but you might prefer to do it in style. Our Luxury theme exposes some of the many possibilities that Africa offers in terms of luxury accommodation and special locations. The word Luxury sounds impressive, but more importantly we would like to know what your definition is of Luxury. Is it perhaps comfort, is it privacy, is it a special location, is it the food or is it a combination of all these? Together with you we would like to discuss this and organize your perfect luxury visit to Africa.

Quality and Privacy

Quality and privacy are aspects which get a lot attention in a luxury tour. The accommodations that we use for our luxury trips are mainly small-scale (if you prefer this) and located in a beautiful setting, where personal service and quality are guaranteed at a top level. Another form of privacy is the way you wish to travel. Throughout East Africa, we can offer private tours with comfortable 4WD safari jeeps. Another possibility is to fly between the various destinations (with fixed flights or chartered private aircraft). Quality not only refers to the organization of your journey, but also the service you can expect from us!

Flexibility and freedom

The journey as we organize it for you will be completely constructed on the basis of your wishes and requests. Of course you can build on our knowledge and our specialists are always ready to advise you, but the most important are your wishes. Even during your holiday you can always contact us to request last-minute changes. In most luxury accommodations it is possible to do various activities, you can decide on the spot which ones you want to participate in. Actually almost anything is possible and there are many opportunities, there is a good chance that you'll be surprised about the possibilities in Africa. You can always contact us for more information or to discus ideas.

The way of travelling

A luxury holiday also means a comfortable way to travel, which is exactly the way we organize our Luxury Tours. Experience the true Africa with your own 4WD jeep with private guide. Another comfortable and pleasant way to travel is by plane. The roads in Africa are not always in the best possible condition and can be a bumpy and unpleasant experience. In countries like Kenya annd Tanzania, you can fly between the various parks with scheduled flights. There is also the possibility to charter an aircraft with pilot. In Uganda there are no scheduled flights, but we can offer you charter flights for attractive prices to Apoka.

Unique and exclusive

What gives your holiday that special touch are those unique and exclusive experiences. These can be found in a number of ways. To give you can example; Kenya and Tanzania have some very special, private, luxury accommodation, where you have a house at your disposal in one of the unique locations in the country. A guide, a cook and a hostess are included to ensure that all your needs are met. You retain the luxury of a hotel, but it has the coziness of a home. This concept of luxury accommodation also includes totally different exclusive locations such as spending the night under the starry sky with only a mosquito net (fly-camping) or stay in a lodge with your own butler at your disposal.

Fly-in Safaris

Fly-in Safaris are for anyone who likes to travel in a very comfortable way or has limited time. The idea behind these itineraries is to avoid long car rides, so that you arrive quick and rested at your next destination. In most national parks there are special airstrips, so you really arrive in the middle of the bush. Here you will be welcomed and brought to your accommodation via a short ride. Following this the staff of the luxury lodge or tented camp will give you a warm welcome and will show you the surroundings. The safari camps provide various activities such as game drives, nature walks and sundowners (enjoy a beautiful African sunset while having a snack and a drink). Even a bush meal (delicious breakfast or dinner in the African bush) and various cultural encounters are often an option.

In almost all African countries there are scheduled flights with a fixed routing between the various national parks and main cities. For all of them we can book a seat for you. Together with other guests who arrive in the lodge or tented camp, you can participate in the activities. On request these can also be arranged on private basis.

Another option is to charter a private plane just for yourself. You will have an airplane and pilot for a certain route and you will fly privately, quickly and comfortably to your destination. The size of the plane will be adjusted to the number of people with whom you travel. The journey is often a wonderful experience in itself, imagine yourself flying next to the Kilimanjaro or over the deep jungles of deep jungles of Bwindi.

Please let us know the areas you would like to visit so we can organise the best way and send you a great itinerary for your approval. We look forward to hearing from you in the way that suits you best:

Custom Made Luxury Miracles

Everyone is different and everyone has his or her own dreams and wishes. You know best what you enjoy and what is most important for you while choosing a holiday destination. Africa Miracles would like to hear from you in regard to what you feel would be the very best holiday for you. We will put together a wonderful itinerary, and provide it together with information that tells you exactly what to expect from your holiday. Should our proposed itinerary not match all your requirements and should you wish to add or remove anything, we would be happy to tailor make the itinerary for you. In doing this however we will always ensure that the suggested itinerary will be a workable tour that will help to reach your ultimate goal of a fantastic African holiday.

To ensure that we send you the best possible offer it is of great importance that we know as much as possible about your wishes. For instance the travel period, hobbies and interests, and most importantly your main reason to choose Africa as the destination for your holiday and your expectations from your holiday.

With this information we can start work on your enquiry and you can expect a quotation from us within three days (of course without any costs).