Every trip to Africa is an adventure in itself. Each safari is unique thanks to the enormous variety of animals and landscapes that you will see. But perhaps you really want even more adventure and excitement or maybe you just want a different kind of safari. Africa Miracles offers you many different forms of adventure, including mountain hiking, rafting, horseback riding, mountain biking and much more!

What do we find important in a magnificent Adventure tour?

Active !

That the trip should be adventurous speaks for itself, but what is adventurous? We believe that a real Adventure tour should definitely have a "wow" factor, with the occasional shot of adrenaline.

Professional Guides

All of our tours have good professional guidance, and your safety always comes first, especially when it comes to the adventurous parts. Furthermore, we are always available to assist you in your own language and to ensure that you only have yourself to think about. We will take care of the rest.

Experience and knowledge

Our employees have experienced a lot of the Adventure Miracles themselves and therefore give you an honest opinion and good advice about the possibilities and also about the adrenaline level of a particular adventure. In mountain hiking, rafting trips and other spectacular safaris, we work closely with specialist companies with years of experience in their specific fields. This way we can ensure that you are correctly informed and well prepared before the adventure begins. This guarantees a fantastic experience and all you have to do is concentrate on the big adventure!

Custom Made

Furthermore, we want the journey to be custom made to suite all your needs. We believe that almost everything is possible and that you will be surprised at just how much you can do in Africa. More information can be found under the heading Custom Made Adventure Miracles or take a look at our suggested itineraries to get some ideas.