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Land of Kilimanjaro, Serengeti and Maasai

So many words in so many languages and not one word can really describe the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro or the uniqueness of the hundreds of thousands migrating wildebeest. The only thing we from Africa Miracles can say is come to Tanzania and see and experience these amazing elements of Tanzania and then help look for words to describe them.

(Luxury) Tanzania safari with Africa Miracles

Tanzania is a large country in East Africa and a very special holiday destination for seeing wildlife in their own environment. In the north of Tanzania you can find the most famous parks, like Lake Manyara National Park (with the thousands of flamingo’s which can be seen here), like the Ngorongoro Crater (the ideal safe haven for wild animals), Tarangire National Park (little Tanzania with so many different landscapes) and of course the world famous Serengeti National Park (beautiful open plains, hills, forest and the annual wildebeest migration). Another special feature of the North of Tanzania is Mount Kilimanjaro. This giant can’t be missed, a gigantic mountain standing in an almost flat landscape, a true miracle. We are happy to assist in any vacation, from a Tanzania safari to the climb to the top of the Kilimanjaro.

Tanzania has many more areas which are interesting to explore. The southern part of Tanzania has very amazing parks which are remote and not often visited, like Ruaha National Park, Mikumi National Park and Selous Game Reserve. In the western part of Tanzania you find Mahale Mountains and Gombe Stream, the home of large families of chimpanzees.

Explore Tanzania and his wonders with an amazing luxury safari

Speaking of Tanzania and its wonders, we cannot forget mentioning the tropical island of Zanzibar. This jewel in the Indian Ocean is worth a visit for each and everyone of us, from beach lovers, divers and snorkelers to nature lovers, watersports fanatics and travelers who are looking for a perfect place to have fun, enjoy the sun and relax on a white sandy beach.

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Tanzania safari holidays

Africa Miracles arranges all kinds of fantastic tours and holidays to Tanzania. We offer a wide range of group safari’s, traveling with an experienced guide through the northern parks of Tanzania. Private safaris are the best way to explore the country at your own pace and see everything you wish to see, in the time schedule you want. Africa Miracles is the true specialist in tailor made holidays and we listen to your wishes and turn them into a fabulous safari and holiday. The country is very large and the distances between interesting parks and places can be long. This is why we also offer comfortable and affordable fly-in safari’s in Tanzania. After an adventurous safari you deserve a beach holiday on one of the worlds most beautiful islands, Zanzibar. Zanzibar is not only a perfect choice after a Tanzania safari, but also as a choice for a beach holiday destination.

Let us know your thoughts for a perfect vacation in Tanzania by using the contact form or simply send us an e-mail (info@africamiracles.com) or call us for any questions you have. Within 3 days we will send you a detailed description of our proposal for your safari to Tanzania. We invite you to take a look at all information on this website and get all the information for your Tanzania holiday. Every vacation, every safari in Tanzania is different. Hope to hear from you soon!

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