Africa Miracles concept

Of course you want your holiday to Africa to be perfectly arranged, and to be sure you book your tour with a reputable company with professional and enthusiastic employees with knowledge of the countries. We would herewith like to emphasize some points to clarify the concept of Africa Miracles and the quality we stand for.

Custom-made itineraries

As a true specialist in custom-made tours through Africa, we can organize all kinds of holidays for you. You don’t know yet where you would like to go, or you find it difficult to choose from all destinations? No problem, just let us know your thoughts about your ideal holiday and we will advise you about the possibilities and work out an itinerary which will exceed your expectations!

Fast and personal communication

Since you communicate directly with us, without the delay of an intermediary, we can assist you quickly and effectively. When you send a request or question to us, you will receive our response as soon as possible, always within 10 days! Our answer is usually in the form of an extensive offer that includes a proposed trip, which is fully defined. Of course this quote is without any obligation, you only book the trip if you are really content with the whole tour. If you wish to make changes after taking a look at the offered itinerary, then that is no problem at all, we would then just adjust the quote just as long as everything is to your satisfaction.

Clarity and honesty

From the moment of first contact we give you all possible information to ensure that the journey meets your expectations and that you do not encounter unpleasant surprises. In the offer, we always mention all the names of the accommodations offered, often associated with their web sites. When a tour is booked of which an accommodation is not available, then we will always offer you an equivalent accommodation in close consultation with you. If you are travelling and en route there is something you find uncomfortable than we are always reachable and close by to assist.


All our tours are of a high-quality level. By using the best guides and good to excellent accommodation, the quality of your holiday is insured. Good service is an important factor of quality and you can expect the very best from us, from the accommodation and from your guide.


In the countries where we operate we have an intensive cooperation with specialized partners with the same passion and love for Africa, so you are assured of the best possible advice and knowledge. We always make sure that our information is up-to-date, so that we keep track of new developments or events which can be of interest to you. Our employees do visit our regions at a regular base to update their knowledge and looing for new, interesting products and accommodation.


You can book your tour directly with us so surcharges for intermediaries do not apply. As we are part of one of the largest tour operators in Africa, we book a lot rooms at all various lodges, tented camps and beach resorts. This volume gives us very good deals and you are guaranteed of the best price for the offered quality.


If you book your tour with us, you can easyly transfer the payment to our bank account in the Netherlands.


Our specialists can communicate with you in English and Dutch. Guides and drivers usually speak English and of course their local language(s).