On this website you find a lot of different sample itineraries and even more accommodations. To give you the best possible overview in offered quality and price levels, we have awarded the accommodations and itineraries with an Africa Miracles Medal, which is of the category Bronze, Silver or Gold. There are no accommodations or itineraries without a medal classification, simply because we prefer not to offer these. Africa Miracles stands for good quality and all our tours and accommodations which we us are at least from mid-class category or up. This does not necessarily mean that accommodations which are not mentioned, are of bad quality, it is also possible that accommodations are not yet rated by us or not yet implemented on our website.

Bronze medal

The selected Bronze medal accommodations and itineraries are of very good quality and service, and offer an excellent price / quality rating. The Bronze medals are awarded by Africa Miracles on the base of:

•    Good quality
•    Good service
•    Good price / quality rating

Accommodations which are rated BRONZE + (plus) all have a special feature which make the extra plus really beneficial, an example is a waterhole with wildlife in front of the lodge, or special activities like night game-drives or game walks being offered.

What does the medal say about the price?

BRONZE medal accommodations and itineraries are always a good value for money, the quality / service and price are in good balance.

Silver medal

The Silver medal accommodations and itineraries are rated in between the Bronze and Gold medals. The reason for this higher rating in comparison to Bronze can be various, like:

•    Uniquely located accommodations,
•    Lot of privacy because of limited number of rooms
•    Safari is operated on private base, so with your own car and guide or even as a fly-in safari
•    Special and unique activities

So for the itineraries, a Silver medal does not necessarily mean a higher quality of accommodation, it can also be an itinerary with Bronze accommodations however with many special features (for example a safari fully operated on private base or some very special experiences like fly-camping).

Accommodations which are rated SILVER + (plus) again offer just that bit of extra to the guests.

What does the medal say about the price?

SILVER accommodations and itineraries usually have a higher price than the bronze one’s, but this is definitely not the rule. Silver stands for something different, something out of the ordinary, maybe even of the beaten track, but also for quality.

Gold medal

The accommodations and itineraries rewarded with a Gold medal simply offer the very best service and quality and exceed expectations. Service is of an exceptionally high standard and personal, the location must be amazing and privacy is highly respected and cherished. The Golden accommodations only have a few rooms or cottages, hardly ever more then 20 guest can come to experience the uniqueness at a time.

What does the medal say about the price?

GOLD accommodations are usually in a very high price category, however also offer the best possible service and quality along with it. For these accommodations you have to be willing to spend some money, but the experience will be unforgettable. The itineraries which are rated gold are one of kind, almost always privately based and/or with outstanding exclusive activities.