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Land of exciting encounters

The words JamboJambo and karibu are singing in the air and then you know, you're finally in Kenya! Kenyans greet and welcome you to their beautiful country. At the small airport hectic and you are introduced to the organized chaos of Africa. Most visitors start their journey in the real African city, Nairobi, but leave this town often directly the next day to start with a wonderful safari in Kenya

Safari holidays in Kenya: unforgettable and remarkable

The safari ... there is so much to tell and everyone should try to go at least one time on safari in Africa. Kenya is a destination which allows you to see an enormous variation of landscapes, each with a specific flora and fauna. In the North of Kenya you can experience a desert like environment and see the amazing survival skills of the animals and people who live in these areas. The center of the country has a fascination Mountain Range, the Aberdares, and together with the snowcapped top of Mount Kenya this gives you a dramatic landscape, also very suitable for active sports. More to the South of Kenya you come across national parks like Amboseli and the huge park Tsavo. It is an upmost pleasure to go on safari and travel for days in these vast open areas. Probably the most famous of the Kenyan parks is the Masai Mara National Reserve. If you turn on your TV and switch to National Geographic you are bound to see images of this special park coming by. The Masai Mara is well known for the annual migration of the Wildebeest and zebra’s, coming from the Serengeti and travelling to the Masai Mara in the month July to October. After an adventurous safari many people choose an enjoyable beach holiday on the coast of Mombasa in the north of on Diani Beach.

What exactly is a safari and why would you want to undertake on? A safari is a tour through national parks with the focus for seeing/searching for the wild animals of Africa. That is roughly the definition, but safari is more than just a simple tour. You learn to appreciate the fascinating nature, you are suddenly in the habitat of wild animals that you may previously only seen in the zoo. You are guest in Africa, the habitat of the elephants or the powerful King of Africa, the lion. The encounters with the animals and contact with another culture is amazing and makes life richer. Take home wonderful memories you can still recall years to come.

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Africa Miracles offers a large variety of luxury Kenya safaris:

Safaris by car, in a safari minivan or a 4x4 safari jeep. You will chauffeured by an experienced driver / guide. You travel from park to park and in these parks you go on superb game drives with the same vehicle in search of wild animals. Fly-in safari, wonderfully luxurious and comfortable travelling by airplane between the parks and reserves. You fly between the parks and on location you are an appreciate guest at the safari lodges and luxury tented camps. The facility ensures that you will lack nothing and that you get the fantastic opportunity to do activities. Hiking and horseback riding safaris, exploring Kenya on foot or on horseback. Besides the encounters with lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, etc. Kenya offers you an extraordinary glimpse into the tribal culture of Africa. Kenya has an incredible number of different tribes some of which are well known, ever heard of the Maasai or Samburu? Besides these tribes you can also meet the Akamba, Kikuyu and Luo. During a tour you will learn more about the people and their way of life. You can visit a local home and / or have a great cultural evening experience.

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