Mombasa South Coast

For many, Kenya is a destination for game watching and enjoying exciting nature. But Kenya still has much more to offer and one of the other major attractions is the beautiful coastline with white beaches and palm trees that that stretch from north coast to south coast. On many of the beautiful locations you can enjoy the sun, sea, beach, water sports and good food. The south coast has many beautiful beaches between Tiwi and Diani, on a stretch of 21 km and located about 20 km from Mombasa city. The south coast is usually associated with Diani Beach, because most hotels and resorts are located here and since this is also the most developed area. Other beaches are at Likoni (better known as Shelley Beach) on the other side of the Mombasa Island ferry. There is also Galu and Msambweni beach not far south of Diani, and Shimoni beach close to the Tanzanian border. From Mombasa Island the ferry crosses to the south after which there is a good tarmac road along the entire southern coast. Near the town of Ukunda (close to Diani) there is also a good airstrip. Diani Beach has a large 10 km stretch of uninterrupted white sand overlapped with an opal-coloured ocean. Many of the hotels along the beach are located in parts of the Jadini forest. Animals that previously had their home here in large numbers still occur to a lesser degree, such as the very shy and rarely seen leopards, the brutal velvet monkeys and the arrogant colobus monkeys. In addition to the hotels there are private houses, some available for rental, and some self-catering cottages. Most water activities are available, including windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, kite surfing and deep sea fishing.

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Many hotels have their own water sports center, but there are also independent centers to meet the needs of all water sports lovers. Throughout the year one can fish along the entire coast of Kenya, with the exception of May, June, and part of July. The main center for deep-sea fishing is at Shimoni, located over 100 kilometers south from Mombasa and very close to the Tanzanian border. Shimoni is also the base for visits to the Kisite and Mpunguti Marine National Parks and reserves where Kenya's most remarkable underwater world can be seen.

There is a beautiful golf course for golf lovers in Diani. If you decide to have a game, the course serves as a lovely walk for those interested. Diani has a selection of restaurants and nightclubs with good quality food and entertainment. Along the coast, groups of reef fish can be seen and with no more than a mask and snorkel and maybe with some flippers you can see the beauty of the underwater world. The coral which build the reef together with the countless fish are perhaps the world's most spectacular architects. It is no wonder that this amazing home attracts so many sensational tenants.

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Mombasa North Coast

Extensive stretches of idyllic beaches surrounded by palm trees and beautiful resorts, with an oriental feeling for beauty, the north coast (between Mombasa and Kilifi) is a real visitor's paradise. Kilifi is located 70 kilometers north of Mombasa's Nyali Bridge, which connects the island to the north coast. Nyali, located on the mainland immediately after crossing the bridge, is an established suburb of Kenya's oldest metropolis. Just after the bridge, you will come to the famous Tamarind restaurant, overlooking the old harbour and built in Moorish style. You can also board a magnificent Arabic Dhow (sailing boat). This floating restaurant sails in the old harbour of Mombasa and meanwhile you can enjoy the delicious seafood and listen to the sounds of a well-known African band.

In the area of Nyali there is also a pristine 18-hole golf course, squash and tennis courts, which are all available for visitors.

A nearby fun attraction is Haller Park. For years, the Bamburi Cement factory excavated the grounds, leaving ugly scars in the earth left behind. In 1971 Dr. Haller began a rehabilitation program together with the cement factory and the special result is Haller Park. Each animal and species has its own function in the created and thriving ecosystem. Animals that are found in the park include Sally and Potty (the hippopotamuses), giraffe, buffalo, oryx and waterbucks. More than 160 bird species are active including weaver birds, cranes, pelicans and storks.

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Walking and biking paths run between the trees and bushes of the casuarinas trees, which are known for their ability to survive in a harsh environment. The paths in Haller Park lead to a butterfly pavilion and the Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary, home of herds of ostrich, eland, giraffe and oryx. Another nice site to visit is the Kipepeo Aquarium. Here you can find an impressive collection of tropical fish, living in the lagoons and reefs along the Kenyan coast. Beyond the beaches of Nyali is Bamburi beach, located just before Shanzu Beach. There are many hotels along this stretch of the coast - in fact too much to describe in detail. In general it can be said that there are many hotels that are an expression of architectural fantasies and look beautiful. Most resorts have all the services and facilities in house to guarantee a lovely beach stay.

At Mtwapa Creek just north of the Shanzu beach you will find a beautiful, sunny bay for boat lovers and a wonderful place to linger. Kikambala Beach, 7 miles outside Mtwapa, is a very special place since at low tide you can walk to the colourful edges of the reef. Here are also the last beach resorts before reaching Kilifi, being a beautiful town on the banks of the Kilifi Creek and the home of an Arty-yacht-club community. For many years the only way to cross the creek was by ferry, but recently there has been build a bridge, thereby making the crossing less adventurous, but definitely more practical. The beach at Kilifi, Bofa Beach, is regarded as one of the best in Kenya and that says a lot. It is worthwhile to spend a few days over here at the beach or to take a look at the Mnarani Ruins, where mosques and tombs of the 14th to the 17th century can be visited.

Recommended accommodations North Coast:

Serena Beach Hotel & Spa, Voyager Beach Resort and Severin Sea Lodge

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